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Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New StartSwell Launch Program

1. How is the StartSwell incentive changing? The Qualification Kit and the current StartSwell are merging into one incentive for new Consultants who enroll on or after January 1, 2011.  The Kit is still valued at more than $300 in products from our purse, totes and accessory lines that support the Girl On-the-Go Party With a Purpose, but it has been updated with our new Spring/Summer items.
2. Why is the StartSwell incentive changing?
We have seen a very strong response to the Qualification Kit since it started in August 2010 and there have been many requests to earn it for free. In merging the Fall/Winter StartSwell and Qualification Kits into one program, we are able to offer the new StartSwell for free or at a reduced cost based on activity.

3. What are the requirements for the new StartSwell Kit?
Beginning January 1, 2011 all new Consultants are eligible to earn the new StartSwell Kit in their first 45 days of business (starting with their Enrollment Date).  Based on the average $450 party, the kit is FREE with $1,800 in Personal Volume (PV) or 4 parties. It can be purchased for $50 with $1,350 in PV (3 parties) or $99 with $900 in PV (2 parties).

4. How do I redeem the StartSwell Incentive?
You will receive an email when you reach PV levels of $900, $1350 and $1,800 inviting you to redeem your StartSwell incentive.  If your goal is to get the kit for FREE in your first 45 days, we recommend that you wait to redeem your incentive when you reach that level.  New Consultants no longer need to wait until commissions run; the incentive is available to redeem immediately when the PV levels are reached.  StartSwell must be redeemed by the 60th day of enrollment.

5. What is in the new StartSwell Kit?Products in the StartSwell Kit are:  Brown Skirt purse with a new fabric Fitted Purse Skirt; a new style purse; Brown Pocket-Full-of-Posies City Weekender Tote; new fabrics in the Cosmetic Bag and Retro Metro Bag; a new wallet and key fob.  Business supplies include 25 Spring/Summer catalogs, 120 Girl On-the-Go party invitations, 50 order forms, Personalization Swatches, a StartSwell (Girl On-the-Go) Kit card and a set of 10 Party With a Purpose:  Girl On-The-Go cards.

6. How does the new StartSwell incentive affect Consultants with Enrollment Dates prior to January 1, 2011?
New Consultants who enroll in 2010 will complete the StartSwell incentive and Qualification Kit as outlined in their kits.  When they earn the Qualification Kit in December, they can order the Onyx Medallion Kit (the Fall Qualification Kit) from January 4 – 9, 2011.  Beginning January 10, they will only be able to order the new StartSwell Kit (in the new Spring patterns).

7. If my enrollment date is in November or December 2010 and I qualify by December 31, do I have a choice of the Qualification Kit in Onyx Medallion or StartSwell Kit in Free Spirit Floral?  When a new Consultant qualifies by December 31, she will have from January 4-9 to order the Onyx Medallion Qualification Kit.  Beginning January 10, only the new StartSwell Kit in the Spring/Summer fabrics is available to order.  Note:  the business supplies in the Onyx Medallion kit will be from Fall/Winter.

8. When does the new Spring/Summer Enrollment Kit start?  New Enrollment Kits will begin shipping for Consultants who enroll on or after January 15, 2011. New Consultants with Enrollment Dates January 1 -14 receive the Fall/Winter Enrollment Kit and business supplies.

9. Why can’t January 1-14 recruits get the Spring/Summer Enrollment Kit?
The new Enrollment Kits start when the Spring/Summer Catalog is launched on January 15.

10. Do new Consultants still get the first three months of their personal website for free? Yes, new Consultants still get the first three months free of their personal website. The opportunity to earn one year for free, which was part of the 2010 Fall/Winter StartSwell program is no longer available for Consultants who enroll on or after January 1, 2011.